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We have three G19’s left ready to go:

 Gen 4:
- one rear sight forward in black 
- one reg sight in distressed trungsten

- one rear sight forward in distressed Tungsten 

The Guardian
:High end package with added form and function.*** Best way to order, fill out this form and return with your slide. Due to the numerous custom options this is the easiest for you. Feel free to contact us with questions.
Slide order form: ( CLICK HERE
This is for the G19 only.
We have a few Gen 3 and Gen 4 slides available.
You will receive a pre-cut slide featuring
	Guardian cut.
	RMR Cut.
	Rear sight forward.
	Cerakote of your choice (single color or distressed).
	Offering an extra $100 off if you trade in your OEM slide.

	Full case bevel.
	Stepped front end.
	Side serrations.
	Lower cocking serrations.
	Multi-level side depression pockets.

Ready to Ship "Guardian" cut slide

$469.00 Regular Price
$365.82Sale Price